Experimenting with raw log files

SpectX is a unique machine data analytics tool because you can shoot queries directly at raw data. This is especially useful for security and forensics analysts - you never know what questions you need to ask tomorrow or where the data lies that's actually useful for answering these questions.

With SpectX, the raw data stays in its original location. There is no price tag on the amount of data processed. Just sit back and parse and play with as much data as you need - maybe it's just the IP-address and timestamp? Then stick to those two fields. Suddenly realising you also need the server response code? Just add a line to the pattern, press "run" and the new results are at your service. Don't stop there. Experimenting is the shortcut to the truth.

To try it out, download SpectX to your desktop and get it running in a few minutes. Here’s a short video on how to get started. A quick guide is also available in the docs). 

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