Introducing SpectX Business

22 February 2020

The SpectX log parser and query engine is now available for smaller teams and organizations, enabling them to get fast and accurate results in incident investigation, threat hunting, and data integration. 

Starting at 79€/month, SpectX Business license introduces several opt-in features for analyzing raw log files stored in file servers, S3, Azure, Google Storage, Elastic clusters, and databases. No need for long-term contracts or complex licensing, the user can choose the features and performance they need, including:

  • Processing unlimited data volumes for a commercial use case
  • Parsing and querying data with up to 8 SpectX processing units (up to 2.8 GB/s avg data processing speed)
  • Choosing from 250 to unlimited requests via API/ day
  • Running SpectX in a remote server
  • Working together with up to 5 team members
  • Retrieving logs via Microsoft and Google APIs
  • Adding a hot redundancy instance to the installation

As each query runs on original log files, the results are quick and accurate, with no data pre-processing, indexing, or ingestion involved. SpectX can be installed on a desktop as well as on a remote server. The setup is quick, no need to plan any additional infrastructure for indexed data. The easy-to-read parsing and query language help analysts transform even the most unique log structures into clean datasets, script complex queries, and enrich data, e.g. with Maxmind databases.

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