SpectX introduces log analysis learning modules in Rangeforce

To give our users a quick start at security analysis and threat hunting, we have created four 30-minute free SpectX training modules in partnership with the RangeForce cybersecurity training platform. You can now follow simple step-by-step instructions using pre-prepared virtual infrastructure and sample log datasets to master rapid log analysis with SpectX.

The learning modules cover simple searches, SpectX’ built-in query functions, building complex queries as well as working with unstructured data using SpectX’ no-regex parsing language.

1. SpectX Basics covers
  • Launching SpectX desktop, a walk-through the user interface
  • Executing queries
  • Basic single-term and multiple-term searches
  • Sorting data
  • Searching using enriched IP-addresses
  • Simple time searches

2. Queries and resultset discovery module includes
  • Building complex queries
  • Analyzing multiple log files simultaneously
  • Counting unique values
  • Creating timelines of events

3. SpectX fields and functions module introduces
  • Discovering information in user agents
  • Comparing, truncating and formatting timestamps
  • Calculating geoinformation from IP-addresses
  • Using metainfo to extract more information from the data
  • Extracting and analyzing objects from JSON and JSON arrays

4. Vizualisation module helps you to create line charts, bar charts, timeline and maps from logs to spot anomalies during investigation.

RangeForce creates accessible cybersecurity training experiences for you and your team. Powered by the industry’s first integrated training platform and virtual cyber range, they help customers operationalize a SaaS-based cybersecurity training program in hours, saving up to 65% over traditional training and up to $1M annually on hosted cyber ranges. RangeForce is revolutionizing cybersecurity training with its adaptive learning technology to better train and cross-train DevOps, IT, and security professionals.

To access SpectX log analysis learning modules, please use this link to register and take the course in RangeForce.

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