SpectX Base v. 1.4 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for SpectX v. 1.4 released on 7 September 2018. Featuring queries at anything that speak S3 but also traditional SQL-databases. AD-support has been a frequently asked feature and is now live.  Last but not least, in addition to charts, you can now visualise geolocations based on accurate query results of your datasets (pew-pew!).

What's new?

  • Integrated Windows Authentication and user membership check in Active Directory. See the docs for configuring AD on your SpectX server
  • Everything speaking S3 cloud protocol supported as a data source, IBM Cloud storage and EMC ECS included
  • Data visualization on maps: single feature, cluster, heatmap modes
  • Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) connectivity
    • RDBMS supported as data sink (insert/update/delete)
    • MySQL supported as a data source
  • Variant data types evaluated dynamically at runtime. Sometimes the type of an extracted data element is not known before the parser is run. For instance, JSON structures also contain data types that could be used for extraction. In this case, the parser uses VARIANT data to capture extracted data elements. VARIANT can represent any primitive data type.
  • New JSON parsing
  • Advanced parsing for key-value pairs
  • User auto-creation for external auth mechanisms (PassThrouh, Google, IWA). This feature is disabled by default for security reasons
  • In-app notifications for new versions in the admin mode. Simply click on ‘new version available’ and install the update

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