We support a number of different protocols to facilitate access to raw data stored either on premise servers, Hadoop storage clusters, cloud storages or publicly accessible servers in the Internet. Data may even originate from the local file system on the machine where SpectX runs. All you have to do is tell SpectX where the data is located.

Logs are usually stored and archived in multiple storage locations: i.e recent logs may be available on some on-premise server while long-term archive is on a Network Attached Storage device or in cloud storage. The variety of options is huge. For SpectX, storage location is like a gateway for accessing data, defining the protocol, authentication methods and other related configuration items. We call it a Datastore.

Adding New Datastore

Datastores can only be defined in dedicated folders named datastores. To define a new data source, right click on the desired location datastores directory in the resource tree and choose New -> Datastore from menu. The datastore window opens, asking for the protocol, name and other required parameters for your new datastore. The list of supported protocols is available in this section. Click on Create. You can now test the access by pressing Browse button.

The newly created datastore file is also displayed in the resource tree. Double click if you need to edit its parameters. See also defining access control to data.

Data in Relational Databases

SpectX supports querying data directly from tables of relational databases (such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc) using DB_TABLE command.