SpectX Graphical User Interface

After installing SpectX and navigating to http://localhost:8388 in the browser, you can see the SpectX user interface. There is a resource tree on the left, the editor on the right and the results panel on the bottom.

Resource tree

The resource tree can contain datastores, patterns, query scripts as well as javascript, log, data and text files. There are three permission-based folders in the tree.

  1. /user folder contains resources created by and accessible to the current user
  2. /shared folder content is shared equally by all users. Everyone can create, modify and delete resources in the shared folder.
  3. /system folder contents can be read and modified only by the administrator. Users only have listing and execution permissions, meaning they can see the branch structure, launch queries and read query results, but they can not see the content of files nor modify them.

Right click on one of the folders in the shared or user folder opens up a list of actions. You can create, delete and rename files, save your current work and explore properties. You can also use drag and drop to move files and folders.

In addition to these three branches, administrators can also access users branch containing folders and resources of all users.

Depending on your role, there are two or three buttons at the bottom of the resource tree:

  • Data Browser - opens up a window for browsing data locations.
  • Running Queries - shows the status of currently running queries.
  • Admin - Users - is visible to admins and opens up a window for managing users.


Editor is the main working space for writing queries, patterns and other files. They all open in the editor tabs but the content is different depending on whether you write a query or develop a pattern. The location of the current file is shown in the status bar below the results panel.

The action bar above the editor depends on which file type is active in the editor.

Error Messages

Errors encountered during processing queries and patterns are displayed in red message boxes. These must be closed before you can continue with work at hand.