SpectX Log Parser & Analyzer

SpectX is a powerful log analyzer for incident investigation and data exploration. It does not ingest or index data but runs queries directly on log files stored in file systems or blob storage. You can install SpectX on a Windows, Linux, Mac desktop, or a remote server. 
SpectX Desktop Architecture

No Indexing. No Volume Limits.

SpectX connects to raw data files/blobs and makes them instantly analyzable parsing data at query runtime. No ingestion or indexing, no price tag on volumes, no need to plan extra resources for indexed data. Local log servers, cloud storage, Hadoop clusters, JDBC-databases, production servers, Elastic clusters, or anything that speaks HTTP - SpectX turns any text-based log files into structured virtual views.

Powerful Query Language

SpectX query language is inspired by piping in Unix. An extensive library of built-in query functions allows analysts to compose complex queries and get advanced insights. 

Run Any Query via API

In addition to the browser-based interface, every query can be easily executed via RESTful API, with advanced options to customize the resultset. This makes it easy to integrate SpectX with other applications in need of clean and structured data.

Flexible Log Parser

SpectX easy-to-read pattern matching languagecan flexibly match any data, no need to read or write regex. Multiple charsets, various timestamp formats, multiline records, JSON - analysts can match and assign data types even to the most difficult corner cases in unstructured data.