SpectX documentationΒΆ

SpectX Docs is your source for all information on how to install, run, and administer your SpectX installation, with specific sections for advanced querying, securing SpectX, and maximising the UI. All examples queries in this documentation can be directly copied and pasted into SpectX, they all direct SpectX to access data from an Amazon S3 data store. By taking this approach we have been able to offer users that ability to observe SpectX operating with a large data set without requiring users to download large example file dumps.

First time users should view the quick first query section which covers basic installation and guides users through some basic first queries with a provided data set.

System administrators will find details on how to setup the SpectX source agent, optimise storage and access with parallel decompression, manage users and groups and how to secure their SpectX in the relevant sections. SpectX clients encountering any difficulty in the setup or administration of their SpectX should immediately contact their SpectX support person for personalised assistance.

Advice on how to write queries is complemented by separate sections covering query process, input and output commands which enables advanced users to construct complex command processes customised to their IT infrastructure. Resulting in a suite of of queries, that poignantly and meticulously interrogate the organisations data yet are simple to execute and amend. The optimal balance between the unmanageably complex and the ineffectually generic.

The how to guides list a number of SpectX techniques to be used in real world situations.