Migrating Content From Desktop to Server Edition

Your SpectX content in the SpectXDesktop (saved queries, patterns, tables, etc) are stored in the SpectX installation directory under data subfolder. To migrate this content, copy the data folder to the Server Edition installation directory and restart SpectX Server.


SpectXDesktop installation directory:


SpectX Server installation directory:



SpectXDesktop installation directory:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/com.spectx.SpectXDesktop/data

SpectX Server installation directory has no dedicated place under MacOS and is chosen by the end user.


Under Linux both SpectXDesktop and Server installations have no dedicated place in the local filesystem and are chosen by the end user.


During the first run of Server Edition the default user admin is created. This is likely different from the username in the SpectXDesktop. The migrated content from that user can be found under the users/<username> directory in the Resource Tree panel of SpectX.