Windows does not support live updates for SpectX. Windows users must close all SpectX instances, download the new version using the link sent to you in an email from SpectX, install, then reinitialise SpectX. All your configuration settings, datastores, and query scripts will not be changed.

SpectX automatically prompts users to download updates. When an update is available an icon will flash in the top right corner of the UI next to the administrator menu. MacOSX and Linux distributions update in the background. Windows OS users must close the command prompt running SpectX to update.

Update availability requests are the only time that your SpectX installation communicates with the SpectX server. Only installed version information is shared. SpectX recommends that system administrators not disable this function.

Alternatively, SpectX can be updated manually. Manual updates can be downloaded from the Spectx website. The downloaded compressed file can be unpacked directly into the installation directory, your configuration settings, datastores and query scripts will not be changed.

New version available button displayed