Getting Started

First-time users

If you’re a first time user download SpectX, and set it up with default configuration values.

If you are looking for a proof of concept example of SpectX’s functionality then refer to the quick first query section where you will be guided through a short demonstration of SpectX using data stored on in an S3 bucket.

Once you are comfortable with the UI you can create a new datastore to house some of your own data to build your own queries.

Advanced users and system administrators

If you are a system administrator, perhaps working in information security, you know what logs you would like to analyze, download and install SpectX, then go directly to the input data formats and see what you can do with your specific log file types. Don’t worry if your log or file types aren’t explicitly listed, SpectX will still work with your data, you may just have to tell it a little more about how your data is structured, all of which is covered in Pattern Development Guide.