Connecting SpectX to Azure Blob Storage

To connect SpectX to your Azure blob:

  1. To get the details for your container, log into the Azure management portal and go to Storage accounts.
  1. Click on the account you use for storing your logs, make note of the account name and the container name you set up as the destination for your logs.

  2. You can access the container from SpectX either using access keys or Shared access signature.

    • Access keys will give the SpectX users full access to the storage account. Click on Access keys and make note of one of the access keys.

    • Shared access signature lets you configure access rights for the user connecting to the container with SpectX. Click on ‘Shared access signature’ in the left menu. SpectX needs Container and Object as the allowed resource types and Read + List as allowed permissions. All the other boxes can be left unchecked. Scroll down, specify the access period and click on Generate SAS and connection string. From the fields that appear, make note of the SAS token.

  1. Open SpectX and click on New> Datastore.
  2. Pick the location of the datastore in SpectX resource tree (User/Shared/System).
  3. Pick wasbs:// as the datastore type and give the datastore a unique name.
  4. Fill in the details (Container = container name; Account = storage account name ). Go to your Azure storage account > Containers to see which containers are available for querying.
  5. Choose if you’d like to authenticate with Access key or with SAS and paste the token.
  6. Click on Test Connectivity and then Create.

The datastore should now appear in the left resource tree. Double-click the datastore to browse to a file and prepare a query.