Getting Started with G Suite Logs

To connect to your G Suite logs with SpectX:

  1. Create a service account in Google Cloud Console and enable it to access the G Suite Admin API. Step-by-step instructions for configuring access to G Suite.
  2. Create a new G Suite datastore in SpectX.

That’s it. You are now ready to double-click on the datastore, browse the log files and run queries on your G Suite logs. To try our query examples on your logs:

  1. Download the SpectX G Suite query pack from Github
  2. Upload to the query pack to the resource tree

4.1 Right-click on a folder in the resource tree, pick Upload

4.2 Click upload zip archive or single file

4.3 Navigate to and choose the query pack .zip file

  1. Point the query examples to your G Suite datastore

5.1 Right-click on your G Suite datastore, pick Properties and copy the URI of the datastore

5.2 Open the gsuite/view/ query of the query pack with SpectX

5.3 Paste (replace) the URI after the LIST command in the query. Save the query.

5.4 Open and run other queries from the query pack.


gsuite:// is available only with the Enterprise license. It is also temporarily available with the Free license until 1’st Novemeber 2020 for getting feedback from the community.