Configure Downloading MaxMind Databases


Starting December 30, 2019, MaxMind is requiring users of GeoLite2 databases (providing GeoIP and ASN information without charge) to register for a MaxMind account and obtain a license key in order to download GeoLite2 databases. Read more in MaxMind blog post

Configuring MaxMind access in Server Edition

Follow the steps below to sign up for a GeoLite2 account and obtain the license key. Specify the license key or GeoLite2 database file locations directly in the SpectX configuration file.

Configuring MaxMind access in SpectX Desktop

First, sign up for a GeoLite2 account in MaxMind’s customer portal and then log in. Next, there are two options for using the license key in SpectX depending if your SpectX machine has access to MaxMind’s online resources or is running offline.

A) If you’re using SpectX with online access

  1. Click on ‘My License Key’ in the left menu
  2. Click on ‘Generate New License Key’
  1. Rename your key in the ‘License key description’ field (optional) and pick ‘No’ to answer the GeoIP update question. Click ‘Confirm’.

4. MaxMind now displays the GeoLite license key. Copy the key. Paste it to a safe location if you wish to reuse it because this is the only time MaxMind displays the full key.

  1. Open the SpectX Desktop launcher window and click on ‘Configure’
  1. Paste the license key to the ‘MaxMind license key’ field in the launcher configuration dialog.
  1. Click ‘Save’ and SpectX will download the databases from MaxMind. You can now enrich IP-addresses using network functions.

B) If you’re using SpectX offline

  1. Log in to your GeoLite2 account.
  2. Click on Download Files in the left menu.
  3. Download the .zip files of 1) GeoLite2 ASN: CSV Format and 2) GeoLite2 City: CSV Format.
  1. Store the files either on the machine running Spectx or on a web server in your internal network.
  2. Open the SpectX Desktop launcher window, click on ‘Configure’.
  3. Pick ‘custom URLs’ and specify the HTTP(s) url or the local file system path of the ASN and City (GeoIP) files you downloaded.
  1. Click on ‘Save’. You can now enrich IP-addresses using network functions.