Configure Downloading MaxMind DatabasesΒΆ


Starting December 30, 2019, MaxMind will be requiring users of GeoLite2 databases (providing GeoIP and ASN information without charge) to register for a MaxMind account and obtain a license key in order to download GeoLite2 databases. Read more in MaxMind blog post

To allow SpectX use the GeoLite2 databases you have two options:

  1. Provide SpectX the MaxMind license key (SpectX will download the databases from MaxMind download site online):
  1. Specify an HTTP(s) url or local file system path pointing to GeoLite2 database files. This can be used in isolated environments, where access to Internet is not available.
../../../_images/maxmind-custom-url.png ../../../_images/maxmind-custom-path.png