Run SpectX in a Docker Container

  1. Pull and run the SpectX image:
user@host:~$ docker pull spectx/spectx:latest
user@host:~$ docker run -p 8388:8388 spectx/spectx:latest
  1. Navigate to http://localhost:8388 on your browser.
  • The default credentials are ‘admin:spectxadmin’.
  1. Insert SpectX license.
  • SpectX Desktop license can be requested on the first login in the Web UI or generated here.
  • If you already have a license, it can be bind-mounted from the host (-v full_path_to/spectx.lic:/opt/spectx/spectx.lic) or baked into a new image derived from this one.
  • To get the full-featured trial license for the Server Edition please contact
  1. Query your data.