Protecting Access to Local DataΒΆ

Through the file:// protocol SpectX can access data stored locally. This is the most convenient access method for users running SpectX in their computer, however, it presents several risks when deploying SpectX at the enterprise level.

At the enterprise, care must be taken to ensure that the environment into which the SpectX server is deployed is properly configured to provide maximum protection to locally stored data.

SpectX allows to define access modes to data access protocols via configuration. This is applied system-wide to all users regardless of their roles.

By default the access mode of file:// protocol is set to managed - i.e the targets of file protocol can be specified only in the /System/datastores/, effectively allowing only users with the Administrator role to define where The user-level can browse in the local system.

The access to the local file-system can be disabled completely by using access mode disabled.

For users installing SpectX in their computer and using it alone, the unmanaged access mode allows specifying the location in the local file system arbitrarily.

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