Web User Interface (Web-UI)ΒΆ

The Web-UI is where users create datastores, write scripts, execute queries, and view results. In the Web-UI users can also administer users and groups, export results and monitor SpectX performance.

After starting the server process, navigate to the SpectX web interface: (Default:


To get the best performance out of SpectX perform actions in their appropriate areas. Use the pattern developer to match fields in your data and to extract the fields that you wish you query. Use the query developer to query those extracted fields, join fields from other datastores and export results.

The Web UI has 6 major sections:

  1. Resource Tree: Home for scripts, datastores, queries, and patterns.
  2. Input Data Browser: For browsing datastores, preparing new patterns and queries from datastores.
  3. Pattern Developer: For writing the patterns that SpectX uses to understand data.
  4. Query Developer: For querying data.
  5. Top Menu Bar: Command options including execute a query, create a visualization, insert script, export results.
  6. User Properties: Timezone, credential, and hotkey settings.
Web User Interface