Because SpectX does not ingest data it must have a gateway through which to access data. These gateways are called datastores. Datastores have the location of the data to be queried, and credentials required to access the data. Numerous data access protocols are supported, and multiple data sources may be accessed simultaneously and their data joined for analysis.

On SpectX Server edition the Datastore access is regulated by access control lists, and user role management.

The datastores can be stored only in dedicated folders in the resource tree:

  • /user/datastores/
  • /shared/datastores/
  • /system/datastores/

Adding a New Datastore

To create a new datastore click New in the top menu bar then Datastore and select where the datastore is to be located. Alternatively right click on one of the datastore folders in the resource tree and select New/Datastore.

In the create datastore dialog box select the appropriate access protocols.


The “Store Name” should be unique among all the datastores - this is the name displayed on the front screen of the Input Data Browser.

Enter any additional configuration parameters. You can use Test Connectivity to ensure that the desired data is accessible.

Once the configuration is complete and the data is accessible, click Create and close the datastore dialog box.

The newly created datastore is then displayed in the resource tree, its parameters can be edited by double-clicking the datastore.

When running scripts SpectX searches for datastores first in the /user, then /shared and finally in the /system folders.

Data in Relational Databases

SpectX supports querying data directly from tables of relational databases (such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc) using JDBC_TABLE command.