SourceAgent ExtAPIFetcher PluginΒΆ

The ExtAPIFetcher Plugin is a software module pluggable into SourceAgent. It enables the SourceAgent with an engine for automatic fetching the following audit logs from external API services by Google and Microsoft:

  • Activities audit logs and Reports available through Google Workspace Admin SDK Reports API.
  • Office 365 and Azure activity audit logs through Azure Active Directory Activity reports API. The API provides two types of activity reports: audit and sign-in logs. The directory audit report provides you with records of system activities for compliance. The sign-in reports helps you determine who performed the tasks reported by directory audits. There are several reports representing different type of sign-in operations: interactive and non-interactive user, service principal and managed identities sign-ins.
  • Audit information about user, admin, system, and policy actions and events from Office 365 and Azure AD activity logs through Office 365 Management Activity API. The events are organized into different logs by content type (AzureActiveDirectory, Exchange, SharePoint, DLP and General).
  • Azure activity logs through Azure Monitor REST API. The logs contain audit information regarding operations on each Azure resource in the subscription of a tenant, as well as events generated on the tenant level.

The ExtAPIFetcher plugin is available for download at Note that it requires you to hold either Enterprise or Business License for SpectX with corresponding API type fetching enabled.

The plugin requires SourceAgent of version 1.4.70 or above.