Sxgzip Compression UtilitiesΒΆ

Contains sxgzip, sxgunzip, sxzcat - multithreaded compression/decompression utilities.

Sxgzip compresses using threads to make use of multiple processors and cores. The input is broken into blocks each compressed independently in parallel using deflate compression method. The compression produces independent raw deflate streams which are wrapped with the appropriate gzip header and trailer. This adds an overhead to the output for each input block, but allows parallel decompression. The overhead comprises of a gzip header (10), trailer (8), SX header extension (24) bytes to be added to each input block, and zlib format wrapping and deflate overhead resulting from input stream division to separate chunks.

The sxgzip utilities are designated as Supporting Software. You may use an unlimited number of installations thereof as long as you hold a valid and current Commercial License or Evaluation License for SpectX.

The utilities are available for download at